profilepicMehrad is an award-winning, creative entrepreneur, technologist and innovator.  With a proven record for delivering innovative solutions, from ideation to execution, he is looking to revolutionize ideas by utilizing his lateral thought process to expand solutions across various industries.

An entrepreneurial innovator his participation within the startup and investment ecosystem is growing as he works with public and private entities.  Government related innovation programs and startup advisory in collaboration with incubators and accelerators.

Mehrad’s main professional goal is to help individuals and teams bring their futurist ideas to life and realize potential solutions to many global problems optimized for the local conditions they exist in.

An ideator by nature and an analyst by nurture.

Summary: Serial Entrepreneur, Innovator, Startup Advisor and Mentor based in Dubai.

What I’m Doing:

-Managing Partner of Power of Art DMCC
-Co-Host of the Streams of Progress Podcast


Want to get in touch?  Send me a message and let’s discuss ideas.

Innovation Speaking & Presentation Engagements

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What Others Have Said

“We are all playing in a pond of ideas while he owns the ocean.”

-Ryan Kooklan

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About Me

I write a blog here, deliver presentations on the subject of 'future impact of innovation', host workshops for local talent, consult & advise startups and entrepreneurs, serve on the board of multiple startups, launch ideas into startups and sometimes gift them to other talented people to execute.

This blog is a space to share my thoughts about future trends and consolidate the latest news I find interesting to share. Alternatively my Facebook page has the same objective.