I consider myself an ideator by nature and an analyst by nurture.

I was born in Los Angeles, California to Iranian immigrants, but that wasn’t my only home.  I spent my childhood in Dubai and from early on was exposed to a vast diversity of cultures, I became what is known as a Third Culture Kid.  In high school, I found myself transplanted to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a city with its own storied history, but a completely different backdrop than Dubai.

These experiences shaped me to become an individual who is at comfort within my own head, but also in the company of others.  I adapt to my environment while maintaining what I consider my principles.  I was privileged to be able to follow my passions to the work I do, people I help, and the travels I enjoyed (BC, Before COVID-19).

I have been exposed to many different industries over the last decade, from the years I worked within the signage and manufacturing industry, to my first few forrays into e-commerce startups.  Early in my career, I realized my discomfort with inefficiencies within the status quo.  I sought to disrupt and work with individuals who could also envision the big picture and believed that a better world was within grasp if we work towards it.  My passion for new solutions and my exposure to the startup ecosystem both as a serial founder as well as mentor and advisor gave me the opportunity to work with brilliant minds within the HealthTech, EdTech, FinTech, and Sustainability space.

For now, I know what I like to do and know that I’m good at it – that is to play the supporting role and enable great people to achieve great things.

What I’m upto currently: 

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“We are all playing in a pond of ideas while he owns the ocean.”

-Ryan Kooklan

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