Customers shouldn’t be punished for the failure of a business (Part 2)

Once again, another airline incident highlights how the old world mentality of how business’s own failure leads to them punishing their own paying customers.  As my previous piece about refund policies highlighted, companies need to stop burdening their own failures onto their customers. We live in a very socially connected environment and although many corporate entities claim they understand that, they truly don’t seem to understand that such a connected world requires them to act with some empathy. Julia Underwood, a

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Customers shouldn’t be punished for the failure of a business (Part 1)

The recent events that have happened surrounding United Airlines have made me continue writing a thought I had started drafting a while back about a friend’s experience with one of the airlines from the Middle East regarding their terrible customer service and failed refund policy in response to the recent travel bans.  So I’ll break this piece into two parts, but both with the same fundamental theme: a customer shouldn’t be punished for the failure of a business. Just a note: I’m

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