General Information:

This privacy policy pertains to information gathered by Mehrad Yaghmai and his team. This policy applies only to activities conducted by Mehrad Yaghmai’s Facebook Page ( and website ( and does not apply to any companies affiliated to Mehrad Yaghmai.

All data collected is through an opt-in submission form for the team to evaluate and review the enquiries.   This information is gathered when online forms such as those on Facebook or e-mails are sent to Mehrad Yaghmai and his team.

Use and Disclosure of Information:

Except as otherwise stated below, we do not sell, trade or rent your personally identifiable information collected to others in any shape or form. The information collected by Mehrad Yaghmai and his team are used to review potential innovators and entrepreneurs who wish to take their ideas to the next step and personally have opted-in to be evaluated.  Mehrad Yaghmai and his team will use their connections to assist those startups which they have identified with the greatest potential to put them in touch with government entities to support bringing the innovation to Dubai and the Middle East market. 

We don’t have cookies, we aren’t selling anything.  We are simply evaluating ideas, then helping those we believe have the best potential and greatest impact for the next generation.

What’s in it for us, you ask?  We don’t ask anything of the entrepreneur or startup, but instead work with the government entities and investors, and liaise on behalf of them once agreed.  So we only benefit once the startup has benefited.

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