Bezos, Amazon and Philanthropy Tweets

On June 16 2017, Jeff Bezos tweeted out asking the public for ideas on how to engage in philanthropy in an immediate (short term) impactful way. Here are my responses to his tweet:-   Immediate & Now, Longer Term and Extreme Evolution. #Amazon #Idea — Mehrad (@viaMehrad) June 16, 2017 And the follow up: In light of Whole Food, expansion of immediate results and noticeable impact ideas. #WholeFoods #Local #Farms #Workshops @JeffBezos — Mehrad (@viaMehrad) June 17, 2017

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I write a blog here, deliver presentations on the subject of 'future impact of innovation', host workshops for local talent, consult & advise startups and entrepreneurs, serve on the board of multiple startups, launch ideas into startups and sometimes gift them to other talented people to execute.

This blog is a space to share my thoughts about future trends and consolidate the latest news I find interesting to share. Alternatively my Facebook page has the same objective.