Everything old is… old (for now)

As author Stephen King wrote in The Colorado Kid,

“Sooner or later, everything old is new again.”

It maintains some truth if we look back at the Spanish Flu pandemic, a time where some defied face mask usage and individual cities tackled the pandemic in various ways.  However, there are some things that just feel old now.

If you watched Jerry Seinfeld’s comedy special on Netflix, “23 Hours to Kill” it was very apparent it was filmed in a BC (‘Before COVID-19’) era, I’m referring to the many jokes about going out and socializing.  This transcends across all media from seeing ads on YouTube filmed in crowded streets or Instagram posts of vacations, we clearly get a sense that these are all from a previous time, BC.

It seems that everything old now, actually does seem old, or at the very least, pre-pandemic. But that unlocks a new opportunity for new content from stock imagery and videos to new business models.

What would new and relevant (aka ‘the new norm’) look like to you?

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