Rethinking Legacy: The Ancestral Perspective

I recently attended the Dubai Future Forum 2023, dubbed as the Largest Gathering of Futurists, hosted in the Museum of the Future.

While there, I met Dr Karthick, he shared a profoundly simple yet poignant concept with me, which was “Thinking like ancestors”, it helped me further frame my perception of our responsibilities towards future generations. It underlines the importance of long-term thinking in sustainability and climate action. This perspective compels us to harmonize our immediate goals with the enduring health of our planet, ensuring that our legacy is one of environmental stewardship rather than exploitation.

As a parent deeply involved in climate work, this concept resonates on a personal level. I often think about the future my daughter will inherit — not just in terms of the immediate impacts of weather volatility and the consequent instabilities in our economy and society, but also in what she might miss experiencing. The loss of natural phenomena, which might vanish if we don’t act as diligent stewards of our planet, weighs heavily on my mind. Initially, my perspective was focused on her, but the forum made me realize the importance of expanding this view. 

In terms of investment, the notion of generational wealth has always been about preservation and growth. Yet, applying this principle of preservation and growth beyond financial aspects to all aspects of our systems reveals a deeper aspiration: to create and maintain abundance for all our descendants. This broader scope of generational thinking reframes our role not just as parents or investors but as guardians of a future that extends beyond our immediate lineage.

Environmental Justice

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