A Father’s Wake-Up Call: The Year 2040

Becoming a father changes you in ways that are both immediate and profound. For me, one of those pivotal moments arrived when I was setting up a custodial account for my daughter. I filled in her birth date, and the screen displayed a message saying she would turn 18 in the year 2040. That number struck me like an alarm bell. It was the same year mentioned in numerous IPCC and Net Zero reports that warn about reaching a critical point in climate change impacts. Suddenly, it wasn’t just about numbers, percentages, or degrees of warming. It was about the world my daughter would inherit.

I found myself grappling with questions that extend beyond the usual concerns of a new parent. What kind of world will she live in? The projections are stark: more volatile weather, less stable food production, and widespread ecological degradation. But it’s not just the environmental factors that weigh on me; it’s also the societal instability that can emerge from a lack of climate resilience and adaptation. Will her community be one of those compelled to welcome climate refugees, potentially stressing local resources? Will she have to partake in debates on climate justice and social equity, issues exacerbated by the changing climate? These are no longer hypotheticals or far-off scenarios; they are impending realities.

As a father, I realized I couldn’t simply hope for the best. The year 2040 shifted from a statistic in a report to a timeline in my family’s life. It strengthened my resolve to use the resources and networks at my disposal to act.

That’s why the Cool Climate Collective isn’t just another investment vehicle; it’s a commitment to my daughter and to future generations. I look at her, and I’m reminded that time is one resource we can’t renew. And so, I act—with urgency, purpose, and a vision that extends to 2040 and beyond.

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