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I recently had a chance to do some work sessions for the UAE Telecommunications and Regulation Authority (TRA) regarding technology trends and disruptive innovation that are likely to make us re think our entire education curriculum.

Some of the research presented was based off the extensive work previously done with my involvement with Honeybird while other was a summarized collection of the latest education trends I’ve been reviewing and been tracking for some time.

The TRA, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Prime Minister’s Office, is one of the main stakeholders in the MBRSLP (Mohammed Bin Rashid School Learning Program) which originally launched in 2012.

As their vision says:

“MBRSLP was established to further advance the United Arab Emirates’ already accomplished education system into the next phase of development through the application of world class teaching techniques and up to date technology. We believe in the impact of education in empowering students to realize their full potential as future leaders.”

The main focus of the work sessions was centered on the continuous changing nature of work, education and technology and how to prepare for a disruptive future by understanding these trends and enacting new frameworks and thinking.

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