Personalized Learning

At Honeybird, I was part of the founding team, where I lead the initial user research and product development. The core premise we examined was that education in a child’s early years can be personalized with technology as a supporting element to the educator. That same technology could also enable all the stakeholders in a child’s life to participate in the education process.  Why is it we typically think of education only occurring during school hours?  Many data points are ...

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Remote Learning’s Hidden Curriculum

My involvement in EdTech through the work being done at Qureos has had me thinking of how we could localize for a more specific US-market problem. Product Market Fit in Dubai might be able to translate into PMF in a different region but just trying to adapt for the same PMF, we might miss opportunities for other grander problems that could potentially be solved with the same solution. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how education and learning environment play a role in ...

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Innovation & Education

I recently had a chance to do some work sessions for the UAE Telecommunications and Regulation Authority (TRA) regarding technology trends and disruptive innovation that are likely to make us re think our entire education curriculum. Some of the research presented was based off the extensive work previously done with my involvement with Honeybird while other was a summarized collection of the latest education trends I’ve been reviewing and been tracking for some time. The TRA, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and ...

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I write my thoughts here, deliver presentations on ‘developing innovation ecosystems’, develop workshops for local talent, consult & advise startups and entrepreneurs and convert ideas into startups.  Also host a podcast about the MENA startup ecosystem.

This blog is a space to share my random thoughts and personal updates. Alternatively my Instagram shares more personal experiences/updates while my Facebook page shares interesting articles.