Personalized Learning

At Honeybird, I was part of the founding team, where I lead the initial user research and product development.

The core premise we examined was that education in a child’s early years can be personalized with technology as a supporting element to the educator.

That same technology could also enable all the stakeholders in a child’s life to participate in the education process.  Why is it we typically think of education only occurring during school hours?  Many data points are being generated outside of school hours and a shared flow of information can empower parents and teachers alike.

The premise we began to examine the various elements that go into learning, from the hidden curriculum to the specific elements that fuel curiosity and interest.  Below is one of the early outlines we developed to explore the elements.  


elements of learning

We wanted to consider all the different tools and frameworks that make up the elements of learning, from the often discussed curriculum & content, to the not-so-observed understanding of the learning environment from the temperature and ideal lighting conditions.  We went through papers that looked at the role of the environment, the hidden curriculum being taught in social aspects. 

Our journey ended with an underlying thought of how can we better tap into the underutilized and often overlooked elements of learning? 

In the coming months, I’ll share more on what we learned, explored and some of my thoughts on how to continue expanding our understanding of the elements of learning.


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