Northeastern University Visit

It was great to meet with MBA students visiting from D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University.


I had a chance to share insights into the UAE startup ecosystem and engage in some interesting discussions with the students & faculty.   I’m certainly looking forward to hearing more about some of their ventures in the near future.  

The main takeaway I felt from the session was their eye opening exposure to the modus operandi of how the initiatives being undertaken by the Dubai & UAE Federal government were being implemented.  It is often unusual to hear of such top-down laissez-faire-esque approaches, especially coming from traditional democratic-capitalist societies where the government is often seen as at odds with business.  This misconception that public and private entities each have their own conflicting agenda is often seen as the typical battle between liberal and conservative factions; Dubai tries to prove that the public and private agenda can align (occasionally).

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