Be a Mangrove: Rooting Your Climate Tech Venture in Systems Thinking

Mangroves are marvels of adaptation, resilience, and interconnectivity. Their intricate root systems not only support themselves but also the entire ecosystem around them. For climate tech ventures, embracing the ‘Be a Mangrove’ philosophy means nurturing revenue resilience, fostering distribution networks, and engaging in systems thinking for long-term sustainability. Let’s explore how to apply the mangrove analogy to climate tech ventures.

Revenue Resilience: Thriving in Ebb and Flow

Mangroves stand resilient, their roots steadfast in the fluctuating tides, drawing sustenance from

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Embracing Vulnerability: The Leadership Virtue of Seeking Support

In the realm of entrepreneurship and climate innovation, where uncertainty is a constant companion and the weight of responsibility often feels like a solitary burden, there’s an unspoken truth I’ve come to recognize:

Asking for help is not just a sign of strength; it is an act of service.

It’s a concept I firmly believe in and one I passionately encourage among the founders we support at Cool Climate Collective.

Why Seeking Help is a Service

When you,

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They don’t care About Us!

I am a big believer in the power of content to provide context and tell a story, but at times, it doesn’t need to be a priority.  The power of necessity can override the narrative.

Salmontini, a local restaurant known for, you guessed it… premium Salmon dishes, has expanded their restaurant’s offerings during the COVID19 pandemic and has begun to offer at-home delivery with a Direct-to-Consumer e-commerce.


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