They don’t care About Us!

I am a big believer in the power of content to provide context and tell a story, but at times, it doesn’t need to be a priority.  The power of necessity can override the narrative.

Salmontini, a local restaurant known for, you guessed it… premium Salmon dishes, has expanded their restaurant’s offerings during the COVID19 pandemic and has begun to offer at-home delivery with a Direct-to-Consumer e-commerce.

Their e-commerce site is very straight to the point, but looking deeper we realize the site was launched with just the essential purpose.

This is their About Us:

But has it stopped people from ordering?  Not really – their sales are going strong despite the missing storytelling elements often considered important to one’s brand.  The COVID19 pandemic has made us focus on what matters and what is needed, the additional marketing jargon and backstory is now taking a backseat.



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